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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  September 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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workers who provide desperately needed services to millions of our constituents and who, by the way, have their own families to feed? today, the tea party extremists who their dream come true. these dangerous amendments would hurt children, seniors, families, yes, the most vulnerable and would create havoc and uncertainty in so many lives. but it's their first step to create a country really, quite frankly, based on a free-for-all, survival of the fittest. that's what happens when there is no government, mr. speaker. we should reject these irresponsible, dangerous and un-american amendments. they will shut down the government and the american people do not deserve this. the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentlelady has
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expired. the gentleman from kentucky. mr. rogers: i yield two minutes to the gentleman from georgia, mr. kingston. mr. kingston: we are here on continued debate. number one, health care is 1/6 of the economy. i think that before we turn over 1/6 of the economy to the federal government, we need to be very clear on the path that we're going on and right now, the path is anything but clear. in fact, to quote one of the leading democrat architects, he said it's a train wreck.
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to me to continue the debate on obamacare is the proper thing to do. 1/6 of the economy, think about that, mr. speaker. secondly, in terms of health care system, it's still the best health care system in the world. 40% of the medical tourists come to america for procedures and operations. can't say that about any other country. number three, obamacare has failed. two of its objectives, the prime objectives was number one to decrease the cost of health care and number two, to increase the access. and let's examine those. do you know anyone's health care premium that has decreased this year. i have asked that question many, many times and i have invited people to call my office if their premiums have decreased.
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i haven't heard from an individual or business. i have heard from constituents. my own daughter, a 0-year-old, went from $170 a month to $270 a month. the costs are not going down. obamacare has failed on that. number two and very important, the accessibility has not increased. two fortune 500 companies in my home state have announced the following, one says they will no longer cover 15,000 spouses of their employees under their health care. could i have another minute? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. kingston: another fortune 500 company in georgia has announced that 20,000 part-time employees will no longer have company-sponges soared health care. i talked to one man who has a start-up business and got to 2 employees and he said i quit growing. not only am i concerned about obamacare, but the cost of ork organization, but i don't know how it's going to be implemented and i don't know the rules of
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it. this debate is well worth having and i would say to our democrat friends whether you voted for it or not, it's not a matter of philosophy but admitting it is a mistake to go on with obamacare. it has not decreased the cost and not increased the access of health care and before we say good-bye to the best health care in the world and turning it over to the federal government, we need to stop and retool and start all over. it is the right thing to do to fund the government, avoid the shutdown, but not to fund obamacare. 10:15 my friend, mr. rogers, talked about responsibility, we ought to be responsible. and i believe that on the
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republican side of the aisle, there are at least 150 members who believe that we ought to be responsible, that believe that this constant hardshipping on the affordable care act, which was the central part of the lacks election and you will want to deny the fact that elections make a difference. and one of the speakers got up and said, this mandate is unconstitutional. so he also wants to deny the fact that the supreme court of the united states has specifically said it is constitutional. but it doesn't comport with your view, and therefore you have rejected it as you have rejected the results of the election. mr. speaker, as the representative of 316 million americans, we have a special obligation to see past the politics of the moment and embrace the spirit of
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cooperation for the sake of the public good, not our good, not let me tell you something. you aretle stunt that pulling here has no chance of becoming law. millions of breast cancer survivors like me. days from today, the 150 million people who live with a pre-existing condition, you are trying to rob us of the peace of mind that that provision gives us. do isou are trying to
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day,sure that every single what you are trying to do is say you should stay living in fear for an insurance company to boot you off of their insurance because of the possibility of you getting sick again. it is unconscionable. it is unacceptable. i yield back. speaker pro tem: i remind the gentlelady to dress her remarks to the house. an important member of the ways and means committee of the house. >> the gentleman is recognized
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five minutes. >> the manufacturing industry has huge potential for creating jobs. it pays salaries 40% higher than the national wage. imports.s more than it it is an industry fueled by innovation. essences have less than 50 employees. , this is anntly industry that improves lives for patients. it cut the death rate from stroke by 50%.
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a new $30 billion medical device tax was enacted. it is a tax on sales. explain why this industry was singled out. the effects have been devastating. the00 job losses across country have been announced. once these jobs go overseas, they do not come back. research and development is the lifeblood of this industry. have a letter from 975 organizations. the signers include the chamber of commerce, numerous doctors and physicians that are directly impacted by the tax. i ask that you include it in the record.
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we know tax is bad policy. we know there is support in this chamber to repeal the tax. the senate did not act before the end of the year. -- cosponsors's of the legislation to repeal this tax. last april, when the senate was votedng this budget, 79 their intention to repeal the tax. how often do we have such an overwhelming bipartisan majority .nd support on an issue said mosturchill people stumble over the truth and then pick themselves up.
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tax hascal device -- this isobs and what health care reform was supposed to support. congress may not always agree, but we can absolutely agree with a policy is on the wrong path. we have an opportunity to right .his wrong this is about saving lives. it is important that we act now. wage protect these high jobs and ensure that america continues to innovate and continues to develop cutting edge life-saving technology for our patients. work to repeal the medical device tax. tempore: the
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gentleman yield back. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized for two minutes. >> i have been here for 10 terms. i have seen a lot. votedembers of my party against the prescription drug program offered by the other team. after we won the presidency and the majority, we did not go back to undo it. we embraced it and moved forward. there seems to be a problem on the other side. do not seem to want to come to grips with the fact that the game is over. questions about the affordable
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health care bill. it is settled law. it is a foolish consistency. attempting to delay or repeal the obamacare act does not make any sense. we are not negotiating with the president. we are trying to pass a bill that the senate will pass. all we are doing is spinning our wheels. to delay health care, i would say this. health care delayed is health care denied. 19-plustry has come years and come to the conclusion yearshen there -- 90 plus and when there are americans who
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need health care, they are going to get it. the majority needs to speak our truth in the mirror to themselves. tempore: the time of the gentleman has expired. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized for two minutes. i certainly oppose shutting down the government. oppose defaulting on this country's obligations. support the underlying bill under consideration here today specific -- specifically because of the repeal of the medical device tax. innovation that is costing jobs.
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one company in my district had 2000 employees. raisesid there are no for their employees because of this tax. another company makes prosthetic limbs, including four troupes that come back from the war. they said, we have been in business for 100 years. we are probably not going to make it because of this. they are crying out for help. we have to keep the government healthy. have voted to repeal this tax. this is a very big deal. we need to do it. there is a delay in the law. when they pulled that out, they
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will likely consider the medical device tax. people's livelihoods depend on this. we make medical devices in this country. manufacturers will be moving operations overseas. we know this. let's not let it happen. america has an advantage. let's try to maintain it. small startupthe companies that need access to capital. you to thee university of pennsylvania and show you start ups that will not be able to get their product to market. pro tempore: the gentle man's time has expired. the minority whip is recognized for three minutes. gentlelady for
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yielding. healthtle man said the care was won six of the economy. he is right. resolution isg 100% of the economy. here, mr. speaker? what is this debate about? we passed a budget in this house. therenate passed a budget 90 $1 billion difference between the senate and the house. this house talked about negotiations that were used to go to conference. . we have not reached an agreement.
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that is why we are here. passed two thirds of the appropriations bills. one was brought to the floor and becauseff of the floor you cannot pass those appropriations bills if there are no democrats in the house. my friend, mr. rogers, knows that. my friend, mr. rogers, talked about responsibility. we should be responsible. i believe that on the republican side of the aisle, there are at least 150 members who believe we should be responsible, that believe this constant harping on is theordable care act
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central part of the election. . one speaker got up and set this .andate is unconstitutional the supreme court specifically said it is constitutional. it does not comport with your .iew mr. speaker, as the representative of 316 million americans, we have a special obligation to see past the politics of the moment and embrace the spirit of cooperation for the sake of the public good, not our good, not our politics, not a single one of us is here because we were thought to be the best at doing nothing or saying no.
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each of us was sent here because our neighbors believe we have something positive to contribute, that we can do what is right for our country. may i have one additional minute? not for our politics, but for our country and for our people. we have a matter of days, but hours left to prevent our government from shutting down. a shutdown is not a tactic, it's not a strategy, it is a failure for this country. let us not be a country whose retttives cannot work together to fulfill the most basic functions of government. our colleagues across the aisle voted over 40 times to derail obamacare without success. when do you say enough is enough? let us move on responsibly to make government work. at your level. the president said he would sign at your level, not a negotiated
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level, but at your level. you've won, but you can't take yes for an answer. the senate rejected it, as they will reject this new attempt. instead now is a time to try a different approach. let this house, not just a small faction of the house -- can i have an additional 0 seconds -- which i tell my republican friends, you ought to reject and say enough is enough. you have had your votes. you lost. let us live up to the responsibility that our founders instilled in this great people's house and continue to be the democracy that is the envy of the world. let us make sure that when people look at america, they look at america as a country that works, an america that can
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be united and an america that believes the motto. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair would remind members to address their remarks to the chair. the gentleman from kentucky reserves his time. the gentlelady from new york. mrs. lowey: i'm pleased to yield three minutes to the distinguished ranking member of the ways and means committee, mr. levin. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. levin: i urge we need to pause to consider the real meaning of what's happening tonight. this is more than about a vote or two.
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i think this is a fateful occasion. it signifies this. the republican party in the house is being thoroughly radicalized. there are republicans cheering, as the u.s. ship of state goes over the cliff. the house republican colleague of ours as report the -- reported today. i do believe republicans will be blamed. there are some, i think, would relish a showdown. i think that's unfortunate. it's worse than unfortunate. it's historically reckless and radical. this is an eventful, and i think shameful night for the
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republican party in the house of representatives. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentlelady from new york. mrs. lowey: i'm pleased to yield one minute to the distinguished leader of the steering and policy committee of the house of representatives mr. andrews. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. andrews: permission to revise and extend my remark. imagine you lived in a town where the mayor and council were fighting over the budget and the mayor said if i don't get my way, i'm going to stop paying the police department, close the schools, turn off the street lights and not pick up the trash, that mayor would get recalled by the end of the week. that's what the republican majority is doing tonight. they made it clear they don't like the obamacare. 46 times they made it to repeal it.
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they are saying to the country, you can either have a country that makes the country run without the affordable care act or can't have a country without a budget that runs. this is not the way to legislate. we should have the senate bill on the floor and vote on it. this will surely cause a shutdown of the government. it is an outrage and abandonment of responsibility and all members should oppose. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentleman has expired. the gentleman from kentucky. mr. rogers: i yield one minute to the gentlelady from indiana, brooks. mr. brooks: over 10,000 jobs have been lost o'announced loss.
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the tax on medical innovation since the beginning of this year has killed these jobs. jobs like 1700, and boat labs, 300 to 400, cook medical in indiana, zimmer, 450. 20,000 people of indiana are employed by the medical device in indiana. many across the country. the average wage is $60,000. this tax can result in a loss of over 45,000 jobs nationwide and it is hurting people with diseases and these innovations that these companies produce helps save lives. they do help people with their diseases with their debilitating -- things that are happening with their bodies. it's not an exaggeration to say
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this tax has deadly results. for months, i heard there is bipartisan support. where is it? i yield back. mrs. lowey: i'm pleased -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york. mrs. lowey: i yield one minute to the distinguished the gentleman from minnesota, mr. ellison. mr. ellison: this bill shuts down the government. the senate passed a clean c.r. and take it up right now, we could pass it and keep the government open, but if we do something to change the senate bill and amend it and senate send it back, the time that would be needed to avoid a shutdown would be gone. so no matter what your viewsr a vote for them is a shutdown, make no mistake about it. and the republican majority knows this. they're well aware and what they're doing is designed to shut down the government. they're shutting it down and the only question before the
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american people now is will they continue to tolerate this kind of behavior? we are here to govern. we are here to look after the american people. we are here to make sure that the full faith and credit of this government maintains and not just in a financial sense but a regular sense. and when they shut the government down, they do something to shake the confidence. vote no on all these amendments. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from kentucky. mr. rogers: i yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. roirk. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. rearkreark we are not coming to grips. we understand on this side, we have people who believe the obamacare legislation will be very detrimental to the people of the united states. we have people on this side of
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the aisle who believe it will be very good for the people of the united states. so, how do we work this out? we try to find a compromise. this bill is not about whether or not obamacare is going to come in or on but whether or not you will accept the compromise which we have reached out to offer to say look there is apprehension in the private sector and the government people tell us they aren't ready to enforce obamacare. let's postponeit for a year. that's what this vote is all about. will you accept the compromise. if this government shuts down, it's because you haven't accepted the compromise that republicans have reached out to you and offered. we have to understand in this democratic process, it's not like the president says, there will be no negotiations. he doesn't negotiate with
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foreign dictators. we have reached out with a compromise. please accept the compromise and keep the government open. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. i would remind members to address their remarks through the chair. the gentlelady from new york. mrs. lowey: mr. speaker, i'm pleased to yield one minute to the distinguished gentleman from georgia, mr. scott. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. scott: let's say what this is. this is about a shutdown being ordered by the republican party. it is your initiative. and the reason for that is because you have been hijacked by a small group of extreme folks who simply hate this president. that's all this this is about. and the american people reject it, because we have the election and the majority of the american people elected president obama.
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and you hate that. when you see that, because shake your head if you want to, you cannot separate obamacare from the president of the united states. it's one and the same. you are the ones that are offering the shutdown. the speaker pro tempore: i have said, the chair has said on at least three occasions, you address the remarks through the chair. i would advise the gentleman to aid his remarks to the chair. the gentleman is ecognized. mr. scott: thank you, alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson hated each other so much, but that hate they had for each other, did not come before the love of their country. and your hate for this president is coming before this because if you love this ountry, you would not be
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closing it down. the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentleman has expired. nd once again, once again, i would ask members to address heir remarks to the chair. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. rogers: i yield one minute o the gentleman from north carolina, mr. meadows. mr. meadows: my remarks will change based on the last remarks that were just given. i think it's important that we do not challenge in this chamber the love that each member has for their country. many of us have made great sacrifice ises. and to question that is to certainly looking at history with a very miopic view because if we blame this on the tea
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party or extreme group, we would be ignoring history, because this government has been shut down 17 times, mr. speaker, and 1 of those times is when a democrat was in that chair. and i think it's clear we have to make sure that under tip o'neil that it was shut down more than anybody else, and it's important, mr. speaker, that it's clarified tonight. one other clarification, the motto behind you, mr. speaker, is not what was put forth by the whip from the other side. it says in god we trust. and with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york. mrs. lowey: i'm pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. waxman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one inute.
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and now the republicans say they're offering a compromise? their compromise would deny people healthcare because of preexisting conditions for a year, make sure that people can't afford healthcare, can't get it for a year, but it does worse than that. it takes people on medicare and keeps them from getting the break on their prescription drugs and their doctors from getting the increase in reimbursement for their services. it would stop expansion of medicaid for very low-income people. this isn't just postponing it, it is undercutting the affordable care act. and this only widens the deficit. their provisions will cost us, and if they shut down the
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government, it will hurt a lot of people, want just government employees, but people all across the country. reject this republican proposal and let them fund the government. >> the time of the gentleman has expired. >> i yield one minute to the gentleman from colorado. >> the gentleman from colorado s recognized for one minute. we noticed to keep the insurance reforms in place. let me just say, i would encourage him to read the bill, and it does that. what the bill, in fact, does, is it says that those reforms that were in place were 1 october. the insurance reforms will remain in place. and the rest of it will, in fact, be delayed.
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with that, i yield back. >> the job killer that we're threatening tonight has nothing to do with the medical device tax t. has to do with us giving up our responsibilities. the idea that we would threaten the full feat and credit of the united states is the issue that's in front of us. we negotiated that medical device tax. it was originally proposed at 5%. we cut it to .3%. in addition to which based upon an industry request, we extend the foreign competition. now, on any issue that's been conveniently left out of this discussion, who's the biggest purchaser of medical devices? medicare. by expanding the affordable care act, we're going to have more customers who are going to purchase more medical devices. that's the reality of what we're discussing tonight.
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this notion that you can separate the revenue portion from the overall legislation is ill considered and everybody knows it. this was negotiated in full light of day, thoroughly discussed. return to the argument i made a moment ago. if you're interested in not killing jobs, stop this rouse you're playing on the american people tonight and with the full faith and credit of the united states with the debt obligation that we have. >> the gentleman has expired. the gentleman from kentucky. >> i yield one minute to the gentleman from pennsylvania. >> gentleman from pen spent recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, sometimes i wonder if we're discussing the same bill. this is a bill that is to keep the government open. i look at the affordable care act, the president made a guarantee, a simple guarantee. if you loved your healthcare plan, you can keep it. when i go it a store and i buy
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a product and it comes with a guarantee and doesn't work, you take it back, you get your money back, and you look for a new product. people are losing their healthcare plan. some the time to take time for healthcare reform, not a bill that was ran through on a party line vote to pass it, find out what's in it, and the american people are finding out what's in it, it's time for a new product, it's time for bipartisan healthcare reform, and i ask for folks across the aisle to come together and let's do something that empowers the american people, not the elite that's h.h.s. here in washington, d.c. i thank the speaker and yield back. >> time of the gentleman has expired. the gentlelady from new york. >> i'm pleased to yield two minutes to the gentleman from new york. >> gentleman from new york is recognized. >> i thank the distinguished ranking member. mr. speaker, for people who are
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tuning into this debate, i want to make sure there's no confusion, this is not "saturday night live." this is the republican majority at work, only they're not working, it is a game. it is a game that they have played since day one. this has been the congress of chronic chaos sense day one. and tonight is just another episode, my colleagues, of that chronic chaos. forget "saturday night live." when i grew occupy long island, i used to watch one of my favorite cartoons, the road runner. very episode, another cliff. they had turned governing into an old cartoon of the road runner. this is not a game. the american people deserve better than this. this is not about the affordable care act, mr. speaker. this is not about obamacare, mr. speaker. this is about whether we govern. this is about whether they're willing to hold this economy hostage to their ideology.
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this is about whether they are willing to put people out of work because of their extremism. they use the affordable care act as a subterfuge. mitt romney said they're going too far. karl rove said they're going too far. the chamber of commerce says they're going too far. "the wall street journal" says they're going too far. and what are they doing tonight? going farther. the american people have gone from deep disappointment in this dysfunctional majority to absolute outrage with this dysfunctional majority. mr. speaker, the american people who are watching this want tching this congress reasonable leaders with reasonable solutions and common-sense ideas for this country, not shutdowns, not showdowns, not cliffs, not
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chaos, not cartoons which we get tonight and which we have gotten every single night since this majority became the majority. when this government shuts down, because of them, mr. speaker, americans are going to have to continue to pay their taxes. >> time of the gentleman has expired. gentleman from kentucky. aufment mr. speaker, i yield two minutes to the gentleman from texas, the chairman of the appropriations subcommittee. >> the gentleman from texas is recognized for two minutes. >> thank you. as we say in texas, it's time to get a few things straight around here. we have in the house of representatives passed a defense department appropriations bill back in june. we passed a military construction v.a. appropriations bill, made sure our veterans are taken care of. back in june, we passed legislation to protect our homeland, department of
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homeland security, fully funded, everything the president asked for, everything the agency has asked for, passed out of the house earlier this summer. we even passed a water and energy appropriations bill. they are sitting in the senate. it could have been passed back over here very, very easily, balls the senate has been known to move like lightning when they need to. yes, in the democratic process, all of us have learned that the democratic process requires compromise, two sides who disagree find a way to come closer together. the president of the united states for the first time today since 1979, the president of the united states reached out to the dictator in tehran, who has sworn to erase israel from the map, he'll talk to him, but won't negotiate with the house of representatives, with a majority elected by our constituents to do everything in our power to delay, defund, or stop obamacare. the last time we sent this bill
6:43 am
to the senate was a complete and total definanceding of obamacare, stopped it cold. well, we compromised as the democratic process requires. let's just delay it for a year. let's give the nation a chance to see what's in that 2,500-page bill. nancy pelosi had no idea what it was. we're discovering r day new horror stories. the american people deserve to have time to see what this monstrosity will do before it is implemented. of day that -- we are smple offering a compromise of a year's delay. we're even fully funding the troops. another andree mize. that's the way it works in the democratic process. it's hard to do with people that won't even talk to you. i yield back the balance of my time. >> mr. speaker, i'm pleased to yield one minute to the
6:44 am
gentlewoman from illinois. >> jementslady from i will sill recognized for one meant. >> we're just two days away from a republican government shutdown. now, you can try to deny it, but you're going to have to wear the jacket. nbc news, says it's going to cost $150 million a day to shut down the government. the "chicago tribune" says the national park service would close all 401 national parks. approximately half the government civilian workforce, about 1.2 million employees, is expected to have furloughs. the washington post said the department of veterans affairs told congressional officials late friday that all benefit checks, including disability claims and pension payments, will be disrupted if a government shutdown lasts for a while. abc talks about approval of applications for small business loans, and medical research
6:45 am
interrupted, and the "wall street journal" has a warning, too. it says some republicans think they're sure to hold seats in the house in 2014 no matter what happens because of engineery mannedering. even those levies won't hold if there's a wave of revulsion against the g.o.p. marginal seats still matter for controlling the congress. the kamikazes could end upshurring the return of all democratic rule. >> time remaining, mr. speaker. >> the gentleman from kentucky has 3 1/2 minutes reminutes. the gentlelady from new york has five minutes remaining. >> i reserve. >> gentleman from kentucky reserves his time. entlelady from new york. >> i'm pleased to yield to the gentlelady from texas, miss
6:46 am
lee. >> the gentlelady from texas is recognized for one minute. >> i'd like to announce breaking news. i thank the gentlelady from new york. texas happens to be a very diverse state, and my good friend from texas just stood up and made an absurd proclamation, absolutely absurd, coming from a state where there are six million-plus uninsured individuals. he knows full well that tonight when we vote to shut down the government, he will in fact also eliminate the affordable care act. what he will do is he will tell those who have a disease that the law is delayed. he will tell children who need preventive care the law is delayed. further, he will tell our creditors that we are irresponsible as a country and he will tell the american people whose jobs depend upon the government operating that you don't count. i don't want to live in a nation where someone can say to
6:47 am
the nation and say to the the people that you don't count. i have said it before. i'm saying it again. when we vote tonight, we will be voting to shut down the government. you will be voting to ignore the responsibilities of the country in paying its debt, and you will then say to those who believe in the fact that the government stays open. we are shutting down the government tonight. yield back. >> gentlelady from new york. >> i'm pleased to yield one minute to the gentlelady from wisconsin. >> mr. speaker, be not deceived. in 24 hours, if we don't send
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an exact bill back to the senate, want a colon, not a semicolon, not a paragraph, not a word different, the government will shut down. this debate is not about medical devices, about birth control, about obamacare, the affordable care act. it is about continuing to have our government operate for another few days. and if we don't send -- we have 24 hours for this congress to agree on the exact bill. and i agree with my other colleagues, this whole debate is subterfuge and a proxy for strong desire to bring this nation to its knees and to punish the people for electing barack obama president of the united states. yield back my time.
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the gentlelady from new york. >> mr. speaker, i'm pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. sherman. >> the gentleman from california is recognized for ne minute. soon the government of the world's greatest country will shut down, and it will reopen only when the public decides that one party is uncompromising and nreasonable. this c.r. sets the spending level right there at the republican budget. it's $72 billion before senate democrats when it comes to spending levels, we have
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compromised. it is manifestly unreasonable to say you're going to shut down the government to achieve a legislative objective. what if democrats said we're going shut down the government if we don't get immigration reform, gay roots or gun control. we are as passionately dedicated to those issues as our colleagues on the other de of the aisle are to their thiefless desire to repeal obamacare, but we will not shut down the government. we will not destroy the american economy to get our way. we will not take hostages. we will prevail when we persuade republicans or elect democrats. we will not hurt this country to get our objectives. i yield back. >> time has expired. the gentleman from kentucky. >> mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from north carolina. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, mr. speaker.
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this discussion tonight reminds me of a scene where jack nicholson was in "a few good men." the truth, you can't handle the truth. we'll show the other side how premiums are going up 200%, 300%. we told about you the loss of jobs, that we lost full-time jobs. virginians don't like it. we lost innovation. we had enormous tax increases. they just don't hear it. mr. speaker, the american people learn how to live, and they don't to want follow going off the cliff. mr. speaker, it's time to recheck this and stop the crazy, delusional ideas of nationalized, centralized will work am i yield back my time. >> the time of the gentleman has expired. gentlelady from new york.
6:52 am
>> mr. speaker, how much time do i have remaining? >> two minutes remeaning. the gentleman from kentucky has two. i speaker, my friends and have been trying to pass a bill that would reflect the needs of the people of the united states f america. my friends know that this bell is just delusion air. it just reflects the dysfunction of my friends on the other side of the aisle. to allow the other wing to control this debate does not make sense at all. the truth is we are two takes away from a shutdown. my friends know that this bill
6:53 am
is not going to be accepted by the senate. they sent over a bill that we could have all passed, sit down and work together, and keep this government from shutting down the dysfunction that is occurring because of the republican wing of the party does not make sense to me at all. you're bowing to the extremists, the tea party, who really don't want to see this process move forward. we know that the affordable care act is the law of the land. we know it's been afrmed by the supreme court of the united states. let's move on. let's not waste time. people are out of work. children are not getting what they need in school. the national institutes of health is not getting the resources that they need. let's stop this game. let's stop this dysfunction. let's stop playing games.
6:54 am
this is the reality. let's work together and pass a bill, a continuing resolution, and then i'm sure chairman rogers and i could pass an omnibus bill with the senate to move forward with the work that we are elected to accomplish. >> the time has expired. gentleman from kentucky is recognized. >> mr. speaker, i yield myself the balance of the time. we've heard time and again tonight from the other side that this debate and vote is about shutting down the government. i thought we were voting on a continuing resolution. what do you think this is? it's to continue the fwovet. those on the other side also to want say we're defunding obamacare. we're not.
6:55 am
we did that in the first bill we sent over to the senate, the senate rejected that, sent it back. now this side of the aisle is offering a peaceable offering. people all over this country are telling all of us how much they are worried about this obamacare that they're having to contend with, starting this monday. they're saying please give us a break, give us some time to adjust to this. even the president admitted that the law was not primetime for the business community, and e gave them an extra year. he's excused so many other people that we don't even know about it. the requirement of the law that individuals must comply with he will not yield on. well, that's what this bill
6:56 am
does. it says let's take a year off and work this thing, let's get the computers working, which they're not working now, and let's get the computers working right. let's get the staff in the field. let's get people out there who can sign people up, and that takes time, mr. speaker. and that's what this bill is all about. it said delayed for just one year. the individual mandate, which is really all that's left that's still in force, let's take a year and perfect, if we can, this bill for the individual. but to say what we're after tonight to shut down the government is just not so. this is a continuing resolution. this continues the government. like it or not, that's what it does. and so i urge a yes vote. yield back.
6:57 am
>> gentleman yields back his time. >> >> that was debate that would fund the federal government past september 30. one was a measure to do away with the tax currently imposed on medical device manufacturers. the other delayed implementation of the healthcare law by one year. they both passed with a simple majority. both amendments also extended funding through mid-december. the amended bill will now move on to the senate, where passage in that chamber would divert a potential government shutdown come tuesday. senate majority leader harry reid has already said the senate will not consider legislation that includes either. the senate returns monday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. the house also returns monday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. as always, you can watch the house live on c-span. the senate live on c-span2.
6:58 am
>> with both chambers of congress disagreeing on how to fund the federal government passed the current fiscal year, we look for your reactions to the current impasse. you can post your response and see what other people are saying on the subject at coming up on c-span, "washington journal" live with your phone calls and daily headlines. secretary with energy earnest monies. moniz. t wage discrimination that had --
6:59 am
that persist even today. symbolically, women would have been recognized, and this is even more important, i think, both as mothers as well as workers. the biggest irony of this story is that it was a well-organized articulate campaign of activist women who engineered the defeat of the e.r.a.. >> the backlash against a women's liberation movement and equal rights amendment later today at one eastern on c- span3's american history tv. >> coming up next on "washington journal," your calls and news headlines. they measure for raising the debt limit. peter baker of the "new york times" and jill lawrence join us for that discussion.
7:00 am
deputyhat, former national security adviser for counterterrorism talks about the recent nairobi mall attack in anda and the concert and -- the security concerns it raises in the u.s.. >> this is a program that is too expensive to afford. we have seen it already. trillion.o $2.6 we know that it is making $600 billion in cuts to medicare, we know that it is not ready for prime time. >> we ought to be responsible. and i believe that on the republican side of the aisle there are at least 150 members who believe that we ought to be responsible, at believe that this constant harping on the


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